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Fiber Optic Cable Installation

How Fiber Optic Cable Installation in Austin, TX Can Help Your Business?

Data is the backbone of any business today. As your business grows, you will need to receive, send, and process more digital data. Conventional network cables are not optimized to handle higher volumes of data. This is where fiber optic cables offer an excellent solution. You will need professional fiber optic cable installation to utilize this option as conventional network installation experts may be unable to handle it.

Fiber optic cables utilize glass or plastic threads to transmit larger volumes of data at higher speeds. This lets you handle the increasing demands of network data, speed up data transmission, and make sure your network cabling infrastructure is secure.

We offer fiber optic cable installation for businesses at multiple locations across Texas. Get in touch today to find out more about our services.

Reliable Fiber Optic Cable Installation Contractors

We are among the go-to fiber optic cable installation contractors in Texas. Our expertise lies in being able to leverage a highly skilled and professional team for fiber optic installations and related services. We specialize in using multiple termination techniques depending on your needs and other factors. During our installation process, we also conduct extensive testing to ensure the integrity of the cabling. Our professionals can conduct both optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) tests and power light meter tests.

As one of the top fiber optic cable installation companies in Texas, we take pride in the sheer quality of our installation services. The following are some of the benefits of using fiber optic cabling for data transmission:

Easy to Install and Update: Fiber optic cabling is a relatively light-weight material that is easy to handle and install. Updating fiber optic cabling is also easy and can be accomplished through minor modifications.

Higher Bandwidth: Fiber optic cabling can handle an exceptional amount of data transmission, which enables it to transmit large volumes of data at a faster rate.

Easy to Repair and Maintain: Unlike other network cabling options, it is possible to identify the exact location of a break in cabling. This enables the isolation and resolution of the problem without wasting any time.

What Are Fiber Optic Cable Installation Costs in Austin, TX?

The actual fiber optic cable installation costs vary depending on a number of factors. These include the type of fiber optic cable you choose (multi-mode or single-mode), the size of the building, and the number of peripheral endpoints. A reliable contractor will provide you competitive estimates on fiber optic cable installation costs.

On average, fiber optic cable installation costs per foot can range from $1 per foot to $6 per foot. If you are looking for cost estimates for installation at a specific building or structure, contact us. Call us today at 512-785-7153 for free estimates for the costs, time and effort involved.


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