If, when, and as you might find yourself in an IT pinch, there is none better than Red's PC & Technologies. What I love about Kevin is his attention not only to your immediate issue, but his natural progression to foreseeing issues that are down stream in the scope/sequence of your business. He is extremely knowledgeable within his area, but also very efficient. In my case, my primary travel computer went down leaving me stranded on a day I absolutely had to perform. He efficiently and effectively guided me through the back-doors of my system to reinstall and launch the critical drivers I needed to update...while over the phone. I was up and running in minutes far better than before. Kevin saved my day, helping me to close on my account and drive my business forward. I highly recommend Red's for your IT needs.

Mike Grimes Insurance

Austin, TX

Kevin really knows his stuff. I have asked to address issues that other guys were unable to complete. He steps in like he was born for it. He is very competent and easy to work with!

Phillip Gunter

Farmers Insurance, Austin, TX

Kevin always responds as soon as possible and gets the problem solved. He also takes the time to explain what needs to be done or what he has done. He has saved our business and our employees so much time!

Kaya Alley

Austin, TX

We are an IT small business and sometimes run into a need for last minute wiring jobs , he was prompt and stayed till the job was done.

Jesse Molina

Austin, TX

This is a great place for Knowledgeable people who can help with any IT or product needs, Highly recommend!

Brett S

Austin, TX

Kevin is experienced, provided fast services. Strongly recommended him.

Tim T

Austin, TX

5 stars!

Phuong Ma-Trandai

Austin, TX


Suz Cox

Austin, TX