Find Network Installation Services in Austin, TX

We can set up Ethernet cables in your home or office

If you need to hardwire your computers at home or in the office, it's a good idea to set up a network. A network allows your computers to connect to the internet or a server without the need for a wireless connection.

We offer network installation services in the Austin area. We'll run wiring in your home or office to establish proper and secure connections. We offer FREE onsite quote's to make sure our customers understand what they are getting.

Call 512-785-7153 today to schedule your Ethernet cable installation in the Austin, TX area.

Get your commercial property set up for daily operations

Get your commercial property set up for daily operations

We work with a variety of businesses in the Austin, Texas area, such as restaurants and retail stores. We have the equipment and skills needed to set up networks, point-of-sale systems, televisions and audio systems.

We complete network installation services using:

  • Cat 5e Ethernet cables
  • Cat 6 Ethernet cables

Talk to us about your data and connectivity needs to determine which cable will work best in your home or office. Learn more about our Ethernet cable installation process in Austin, TX by contacting Reds PC and Technologies today.